Saturday, January 9, 2010

I was right all along...

From the first day my sister offered to let me "borrow" her apple-green, antique cabinet, people questioned my sanity. My mom said, "are you going to paint it a less-hideous color?" Josh swore up and down that he would not live in the same house with it. Even my wonderful Father in Law was overheard threatening to break the cabinet on moving day.

From what I can remember, the cabinet was lovingly restored by friends of Elsie (my sister), and presented to her on her birthday. But now that she is living at home with my parents again, she doesn't have room for it. So I kindly offered to keep it at our house (little does she know... she's never getting it back). Sorry Els.

(Kyle, Elsie's cute BF who helped paint the cabinet, my sister and me)

OK, the real point of my post is this: I went to Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago and found a cabinet that was Exactly.The.Same. They could have been twins. It was even painted a similarly fun color.

The price tag? $6,000.00


P.S. It's going to look way better once the pukey color of the walls is gone...


  1. your cabinet looks great and I love your blog! I almost feel like I have just visited your home.

  2. OK- now that we've seen your blog, and had such an enjoyable visit- we have to see you in your home in person. This would be even more fun!

    Uncle M& Aunt B



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