Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's finally done!

Originally, I wanted to post a whole tutorial on the chair that I reupholstered. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how difficult that would be!

Because really, the process was more of a "let's just start doing it and see how it goes."

So, we started ripping off fabric and watching little rusty staples go flying all over our lovely living room.

And it was a lot of work.

Um, ew? Look at all that dust of the ages under there! While I was trying to vacuum this up, our vacuum decided to start smoking... Yes, you read that right! It started billowing smoke. Thankfully, my handy husband was able to fix it. But not before I had a glimpse into a vacuum-less life. And let me tell you, it was very bleak indeed.

Moving on...

I discovered that the best thing to do is to take LOTS of pictures- from every angle so you can remember how to piece it all back together.

Once all of the old fabric was off, it was time to paint the frame of the chair. Josh and I lightly sanded the wood so the paint would adhere better, and then I used Rustoleum's "Heirloom White" and did 4 coats of paint. I think I used a little over one can of paint on the whole chair.

The fabric was purchased from Jo-Anne's for $3.00 a yard, and I absolutely love it! I don't think it's really "upholstery quality," but I don't really care. It's Home Dec fabric so it is stronger than usual fabric, and I don't intend to be sitting in this chair 24/7.

And finally friends, here is the after!

So there you have it! It's not perfect, but I really love it. And I think I love reupholstering things... I asked Josh if he would mind if I tried this again sometime. He just gave me a nervous laugh, but I think he'll come around.


  1. Can I be the first to say that you're amazing!? I can't believe you did that yourself. It looks fantastic! Wanna come take a trip to Iowa and reupholster my favorite chair? :)

  2. Very nice, I'm so impressed! It looks so cute and just like you and your decor!

  3. Thanks Ashley! I would love to help you with your chair, too bad you don't live closer. =)

    Thank you Anna, I was hoping it would fit in with the other stuff, so I'm glad you said that!

  4. Wow!!! The chair looks amazing. And that looked like quite the job, too. I love it!!

  5. you gave me inspiration to really do it. I saved a chair from the dumpster last summer...with full intentions of re-covering it....but, after 3 months of sitting in the corner of our room, it made it back out to the dumpster. Now....I will really realllly try again this spring or summer!! great job, it looks fantastic!

  6. Umm, WOW! Now that you've got one success under your belt, I think you should find another chair to save and do a tutorial. I would love to know how to do this! It looks awesome :-)

  7. Beautiful! I have a dumpster chair that is sitting in the basement waiting for me to work up the nerve to take it on. You're an inspiration!

  8. You did a great job on the chair and I laughed out loud about the life without vacuum thought! The new chair looks perfect to curl up with a good book in.

  9. @ Hattie- OK, I will certainly try! It's different with every chair, but I'm sure the basics would apply to most of them.

    @ Kim- Oh good, I'm glad it inspired you! I hope yours turns out well and you don't staple a finger or anything. =)

    @ Ashley- Life without vacuums would be horrible, wouldn't it? Ooh, that's a good idea. Maybe I will do that when I get home...



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