Tuesday, March 2, 2010

it's gonna be a bright, sunshiny day

Today it was 40 degrees outside. I saw children running around with short sleeves while their parents smiled on. Hello, first glimpses of Spring. While I was at work today, I got a call from an employee in Texas.

He said, "Is it freezing up there?"

I immediately responded, "No, it's sooo warm! It's 40 degrees!"

He laughed at me.

On a side note, the flowers from my Hubby have lasted since Valentines day. I have played around with them and made a few different arrangements as they go through their various stages of, well, dying.

I think this is my favorite one.

P.S. The fabric is vintage, from my wonderful Grandma Bertie. I am still trying to decide how to best utilize it! Maybe another decorative pillow?


  1. That fabric is absolutely, positively wonderful!! I need a Grandma Bertie. Seriously, I love it. And I love your bright green arrangement! Ahh, spring is on it's way!

  2. I love that fabric...it is the perfect item for spring. I adore this sweet, bright, lovely post!

  3. @ Joye- Thanks! And my grandma Bertie is an amazing lady, I just adore her! She is even cuter than her name. =)

    @ Deidra- I'm glad you liked it! That's exactly what I hope this post would be, so thank you!



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