Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Dreaming a Little

Someday, when I have a house and buckets full of cash, I want to build a kitchen just like this one.

I can picture myself baking scones, sipping tea, wearing cute aprons and singing duets with Frank Sinatra in this kitchen.

(Disclaimer: The following pictures were saved to my inspirational file and their original whereabouts were promptly forgotten. If they belong to you, feel free to issue a warrant for my arrest. Or just tell me to take them down).

I could probably skip the creepy doll heads with plants growing out of them, but everything else (creamy white cabinets, glass-front doors, beautiful window with dotted swiss curtains) MUST STAY.

Also, this couch and picture-frame wall seriously gave me a heart attack when I first saw it! I rarely ever see something that grabs my attention like this did, but it makes me want to run out and buy a yellow couch and completely redecorate my living room! (Hubby, if you are reading this, please don’t cry. I was not actually serious about that).

Hello, Yellow! I think this is a perfect example of Vintage Eclectic. Notice the design of the couch is more classic, with some modern pieces like the drum shade on the lamp and the round table in front. I also love the color combo- the creamy walls with the bright punch of yellow and bold black frames! Somehow, it’s light, airy, full of depth, classic, and a bit quirky all at once.

Even though I love bright colors, I have a hard time buying big furniture pieces that aren’t neutral. But this is a great example of how well it can work with the right accessories! What are you inspired by lately?


  1. heck yes i'm feelin' ya on both of these rooms. and what are you talking about, you're not into doll-head-planters?!?

  2. I, too am loving yellow these days. And...I've been seeing a lot of doll heads used in interesting ways lately. I definitely do not love them, but I think it's cool (in a weird sort of way) that they seem to be catching on.

  3. That kitchen is so quaint, and your are so dead-on about that couch-table-wall frame combo -- it's electric...and a good way! I love browsing home decorating's one of my favorite guilty pasttimes.

  4. Sarah- Ah, I can't say they're my favorite. =) But if you like them, I will TRY not to judge for that!!!

    Deidra- you are right about that. I am seeing dolls in a lot of decorating too. Still not sure how I feel about it.

    Michelle- me too! I think blogs have kind of replaced the magazine thing for me, but I still love to get inspiration from other people's decorating styles!

  5. I LOVE that kitchen too! Makes me want to gut mine tonight! :)



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