Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The usual

Today, I got to work at my usual time.

I had my usual mug of coffee, sat down in my usual chair that has formed perfectly to my (somewhat larger than) usual rear end.

I went to log in to my usual website (blogspot, of course) to keep my usual blog updates handy for when I need a moment of respite from my usual work.

And lo and behold, something was very UN-usual.

Blogger is now on "the list" of websites that is blocked on government computers due to "Social Networking." Apparently anything that falls under that category is nothing but pure, unadulterated evil and must be stopped. Watch your back, Twitter. Look what happened to Facebook. Now Blogger. Will it ever end?

For this reason alone, I am greatly looking forward to the day when I will be SELF employed. And it is coming. Oh yes, it is coming soon. But not soon enough.


  1. Oh no really!??? Michela you have a way with words!!! I love your blog!

  2. Oh man, that is such a bummer! I work PT for a state office...I wonder if blogger will be blocked on my system as well?

    In other news...thank you SO much for your kind and thoughtful comment about the writing rejection. It really meant a lot to me -- the comments are making me weepy!

    Love your plant photo, BTW. My son Noah collects succulent plants, so they are close to my heart (and all over my house!)

  3. Ha! That's really too bad. I completely understand the need to have a quick little "bloggy break" in the middle of a long day. Hope self employment is coming sooner rather than later....

  4. I feel your pain, my work blocks all things blogger too, and has been for awhile now. I use to draft my blog post in e-mail format and the send them home, but now work is monitoring e-mails too. I don't really want them reading or even knowing that I have a blog.

  5. Thanks all for the words of encouragement! I'm glad I'm not alone in my questionable attachment to my blog. =)

    Ashley- I did the same thing! I agree with you, I don't want my work even knowing I have a blog either, it's just too personal!

  6. Hi, and thanks for the comment on our blog! That is pretty lame that your work blocks Blogger right now. They are behind the times if they think social computing is going away anytime soon. Oh well. Thanks again for stopping by our blog. :)

  7. I feel you. I long for the day when I am self employed! :)



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