Saturday, May 8, 2010

Design evolution

I am a big fan of letting a room evolve. I love just living in a space and constantly reworking it until I find what feels right. That being said, finally the area which we used to refer to as "the armpit of the living room" is finished. Well, at least to the point that I can glance over there without wincing. Let's start at the beginning, shall we, and just see how far it has come?

#1 (Please try to ignore that girl drinking coffee in this picture. I really have no earthly idea who she is, except for the fact that she drinks unseemly amounts of coffee. Who does that?)

Notice please the puke-green chair coupled with the yawn-inducing shade of beige on the wall. It was definitely time for a makeover.

2) Here you can see the new wall color: Dynasty Celadon by Behr. Love it! Sadly, the puke-green chair looked even worse next to this color, so it had to go. Now you can also see the sad excuse for a TV stand that we had inherited from my Grandma (who had inherited it from someone's dorm room at the college where she works, I'm sure).

#3 Then in February, we found a new TV stand! I was way too excited to be able to hide the speakers and have something that was a little more easy on the eye.

#4 Then, in March we found a fun chair at a thrift store and decided to reupholster it:

#5 At my mom's suggestion I added a fun new pillow that I whipped up. She thought the chair needed something to anchor it and help it compete a little better with our new (larger) furniture. I think it worked pretty well!

#6 Finally, it is (somewhat) finished. I don't think I will ever be able to pronounce it completely finished, because I really like to move things around and change them up for fun. But for now, it's (sort of) done.

Sometime in the future (when I have won the no-spend competition) I will be purchasing a new lamp for the table (something a little chunkier and more modern), and probably adding some more artwork to the walls.

So there you have it. Even though it can be frustrating to have things halfway done, I think letting the design of a house "evolve" just makes the end result more unique and more suited to the personality of the homeowners. I'm pretty sure that when people go out and buy everything for one room at the same time (furniture, accessories, etc.), that's when it starts looking like a hotel. Unless you are Ty Pennington. In which you are totally excluded from that because you are incredibly talented and have awesome hair.


  1. I think I photo collage would be fantastic over the white chair! It would really fill up some of the extra space on the wall. I'll look forward to the updates!

  2. I'm still in love with your chair! I think your mom was right about the pillow - it really does tie it in with scale of the room. I know you'll have fun filling that empty wall :-)

  3. Ashley- You are totally right! Now I am even more stoked to do the photo collage.

    Hattie- Thanks! And yes, sometimes it really helps to have input from an outsider, doesn't it?



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