Monday, June 28, 2010

Side Table Remix

I found this cute little side-table at GW a while back for under 10 bucks.

I loved the clean lines and the way our magazine basket fits perfectly underneath. However, I did not love the cracked and peeling varnish look.

So, I spent some time working on it this weekend and transformed it!

It was really easy, but it did take some time because I had to remove all the old varnish before I repainted it. Here's what I did:

Step one: Remove the varnish

I used a chemical stripper to remove the old, nasty varnish. I painted it on using an old paintbrush, and of course I wore gloves as well!

You "paint" it on the varnish, and then after it starts to bubble you can just scrape it all off.

I had to repeat that a couple of times to get all the varnish off! Then, I gave it a good sand-down.

Finally, I spray painted on about 3 coats. I used a glossy paint so the surface is easier to wipe down.

And voila! I love easy, cheap makeovers!


  1. Great job! That's a cute little table. It's hard to find ones that are on the smaller side and still elegant.

  2. wow, it looks SO much better. much cleaner and fits in with the space :) nicely done, girly!

  3. It looks great! Your home is looking better and better everytime I see pics! You've done such a great job!

  4. Once again, another fantastic makeover! Is it just me or does the varnish look really nasty after you've applied the stripper? It looks so gooey.

  5. Thanks! I'm glad you guys approve of the color choice- I went back and forth on it a lot!

    And yes, Ashley, the varnish was super nasty and gooey. Plus, the paint stripper smells horrendous!

  6. Love it!! Totally lightens things up. You're inspiring me to tackle some furniture re-do's in our guest bedroom. Can't wait!

  7. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you come up with Cindy!

  8. This looks so great! I love getting "new" pieces out of old furniture!

  9. Thanks Kate! I agree- it's even better than just buying something "new"! =)



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