Friday, June 25, 2010

The Catch-All Room

I love doing home improvement projects around the house, but inevitably our 2nd bedroom turns into this:

I affectionately call it the "Catch-All" room. During the larger projects, we throw things in there and just close the door. Instant peace.

I think I have cleaned this room out approximately 4,571 times since we got married last August. It's like the gift that just keeps on giving! So, it was the subject of another deep clean a couple of weeks ago, and I can finally leave the door open again. But, I wanted to share this picture in hopes you would get a little giggle or two out of it.

I bet that even Martha Stewart has a catch-all room, don't you think?


  1. 4,571 times, hah! I love you, you just make me lol :) And we talk very similar! I bet you only exaggerate more with those you love!!! heehee :)

    And Martha Stewart probably has 30 catch all rooms in all her mansions! Not to mention, maids, butlers, housekeepers, designers, so jealous!

  2. Haha, yes! You hit the nail on the head. I feel comfortable enough with my blogging friends to grossly over-exaggerate and know that you won't just accuse me of lying. =)

    Yes, I bet Martha has all those things. She probably has a catch-all "wing" that she never even has to think about!

  3. I agree. Martha definitely has a few cath-all rooms. With all of the things she teaches everyone to make that she did for her own homes, I was thinking the other day, "Where does she keep it all?" Lord willing, at the end of this summer, I am hoping to do away with our catch-all room. I really strongly dislike it! I dread going in it, and closing the door brings no peace whatsoever!

  4. i have this exact same problem. i call mine "the studio" because that sounds far more sophisticated (and shorter) than "the room where we throw all the crap." hey, i do actually paint and draw in "the studio" so it fits. you could call yours the same :)

    and yep, no matter how many times i clean my catch-all room, it ends up swamped with crap again in no time.

  5. Yay for a dose of reality!

    I am oh-so-fortunate to have a workshop / unfinished basement room / storage area to use at my new house.

    I bet Martha has staff that goes behind her and tidies even her junk room. I think she's just uptight that way.

  6. Suzette- I never thought of that! You are right though, she has a lot of things so where does she store it all? Probably in a warehouse somewhere...

    Sarah- Ah, thanks for the tip! I am re-naming it "The Studio" as of right now!!! =)

    Jane- Yes, I love seeing doses of reality. Because the truth is, no one is perfect! I think you're right though, she probably has a dozen cleaning crews just tidying up after her. I bet she never even has to lift a finger to clean! Sheesh. =)

  7. I know what's in that CAT box! :) I have a catch all room too. It's called my basement and my dining room.

    Once most of the projects are done there might some hope of getting those rooms (or floors) back.

  8. Haha! I know! It's still on my "to-do" list...

  9. Ha - yes. We've got one (10?) catch-all room. You saw the pictures of our basement, right?? THanks for sharing, it makes me feel more human. : )

  10. Hehe, you're welcome Cindy! Happy to share. =)



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