Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple is Best

I put together a new little arrangement for our dining room table the other day. My first thought after I had deemed it complete was "I totally can't blog about this. It's way too boring and simple."

But then I realized, if professional writers can take something as miniscule as a trip to the grocery store and make it blog-fodder, then SO CAN I! I mean, I realized that sometimes simple is best.

In fact, I've been inspired lately by The Nester's "Summerize Your Home" posts. She mentions getting rid of clutter, which is exactly what I've been doing around our house lately.

It was very easy to put this together. I used things I already had- even the flowers were from our planters on the porch. The crocheted doily is from a garage sale, it was only 25 cents!!! SCORE! I think I actually may have yelled that at the garage sale, and my husband may or may not have run the other way.

But, it was a great find.

How about you? How are you preparing your home for the Summer months?


  1. Oooh! I LOVE the owl! The arrangement is precious too!

  2. I love the owl too! I want to kidnap him!

    My house looks like storage unit again after our latest room makeover that's not quite complete. I can't wait to get the stuff back in it's place.

    Then I'm sorting through our junk and putting it in a friend's garage sale. Simple is best... I just wish it were easier to get there. :)

  3. Thanks Nadine! The owl was (of course) a Goodwill find. =) He has a place in the back for a candle too, and his eyes light up! Kinda creepy, actually....

    Ashley- I feel your pain! I hate moving because of the temporary insanity that comes along with it. But I bet you will have everything ship-shape in record time!

  4. Simple is absolutely blogworthy! I love what you did with the flowers. :)



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