Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Neighbors

I am so happy to announce that we have new neighbors! They are very friendly, and frequently stop by to chat on our porch.

Sometimes they're a little loud, but they are super cute so it's easy to ignore.

Without further ado, please meet Jimmy:

He's a bird.

A very, very patriotic bird.

And his wife, Clara:

She's a little shy, and spends a lot of time in that nest that appears to be made of regurgitated mud. I guess even birds are experiencing some economic difficulties.

I think that perhaps very soon, we may have some baby birdies outside our window too!

Do any of you have little animal friends living around your house?


  1. hahahaha LOL, oh my word, I thought you were talking about people!!! This was hysterical...this is why I love you Michela!!!

  2. So fun!! I totally thought you were talking about new PEOPLE neighbors, too. Nicely done. : ) Can't wait to see the babies!

  3. haha, fantastic :) our neighbors are furry little rodents who dig up the landscaping, poop in plain view on our porch railing, and scutter across the ceiling. i'd take your neighbors any day of the week ;)

  4. So cute! I love birds! Just in case you didn't know your new neighbors are barn swallows. They're notorious for their muddy nests. In isolation they're not bad, but my old church use to have problems with swarms of them building nest under the roof. there would be one whole long row of them and the church had lots and lots of windows. you can imagine how much the maintenance crew liked those barn swallows. :)

    I hope you can get a picture of the babies when they come!

  5. That is so sweet! I LOVE birds! They're the best neighbors in the world! Just wait til they have little ones! It's the cutest thing!

  6. Ashley- thanks for the info! I was wondering what kind of birds they are!



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