Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Refuge

We went up to Josh's Grandpa's cabin this weekend. It was such a nice, relaxing break from the hectic pace of life!

There was a lot of eating, lazing around, and doing crafty things. Those are the best weekends, I think.

And isn't my sister gorgeous?

I got some great ideas for projects from my mother-in-law... She is pretty much the queen of knitting/crocheting/crafting. She spins her very own wool- I think that says a lot!

So, check back soon and I will share some of the fun ideas with you!


  1. Oh, lazy crafty weekends are the best!! And even better if you're lucky enough to have a place by the water to escape to :)
    PS: your sister's hat is awesome.

  2. Love it! And love your dress (so pretty) and love your sister!

  3. I love your dress! The lake looked wonderful. Your sister is a doll.

  4. Thanks for the dress-love! I just bought it that weekend, I loved the pattern too much to pass it up! =) I know, Elsie is a cutie-pie. I tell her all the time, but she doesn't believe me! Sisters...

  5. seriously....I keep missing posts! I was going back through the last couple of days and found this one.

    Anyway, I love lazy weekends. They're the best. There should be more of them, but then maybe they wouldn't be so special.



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