Thursday, August 12, 2010

Featured House #2- The Pratt-Taber Inn

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the "Featured House" series! I'm a huge fan of houses (in case you haven't guessed), and I've always loved touring other peoples homes and seeing their unique style!

Let me tell you, I was absolutely floored when I walked into the Pratt Taber Inn. It was, to put it succinctly, a house-lovers dream come true. Built in the late 1800s, and lovingly restored by the current owner, it was filled to the brim with beautiful details and charm.

Before I get carried away, let's start at the beginning. There are 4 guest rooms total- each named after a season. We stayed in the Summer room:

Be still my heart. Look at all that yellow! I love how Deb (the owner and designer) mixed in some beautiful black framed silhouettes. It gives a new dimension and keeps the florals from becoming overwhelming.

Black is such a powerful color! It makes a huge statement anywhere, and in this room it just added to the simple elegance.

The en suite was decorated with paler shades of yellow offset by black accents as well:

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the whole claw-foot tub. I was too excited about that honey-comb tile!

I got a couple of pictures of the "Winter" themed room as well:

The main parlor:

The woodwork was so beautiful! I love how she worked with the house and kept the vintage feel with her decor. It felt like you were stepping into another century.

Here's the lovely formal dining room where Deb serves her gourmet breakfasts:

Off the dining room there is a lovely little screened-in porch:

I wish I had some better pictures of the kitchen! It was SO amazing.

I didn't receive any endorsement for featuring this B&B, but I just wanted to share the amazing job Deb did with restoring this place to it's former glory! You can check out more photos (including pics of all the guest rooms!) on her website here. I would recommend staying here to anyone!


  1. Cool house! I love those big doors in the sitting room!

  2. Time. Out.

    Is that your yellow vintage suitcase? The house is precious, but I"m head over heels for that piece of luggage. :)

  3. Haha, Jane, yes! My hubby bought it for me on Etsy last year for our honeymoon! I LOVE it too. I was ecstatic that it matched our room so well! =) I know, I'm a HUGE dork.

  4. I think that you husband must love you alot! Bringing you to a wonderful B and B, and buying that swell suitcase...

  5. Thanks Anonymous. =) P.S. I totally know who you are, BTW.



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