Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some More Thrifty Stuff!

Chippy vase: $2.00

Cute Owl-Head fondue sticks: $1.00 (too kitschy to pass up!)

And finally... the piece de resistance...

Vintage side table: $10.00

I need some input on this! I know that I want to paint it for sure, but I can't decide what color! I was thinking something fun and punchy, like goldenrod-yellow, but I would love to hear some other ideas too!


  1. I think something fun and punchy is the way to go. yellow would be cute or maybe a turquoise color (but maybe that wouldn't match your decor)

  2. Ooh- I like the turquoise idea! Isn't turquoise a neutral anyway? =) Hehe.

  3. wow, i don't think you could go wrong with any of the colors mentioned. i love the idea of yellow, but turquoise is fun too! well i'm just no help.... :)



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