Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

We had such a wonderful time celebrating our 1st anniversary this weekend! We went to Redwing MN and stayed in a beautiful B&B called the Pratt Taber Inn.

Our room was so perfect! I fell in love with it instantly. My suitcase even matched it to perfection...

I also fell in love with the owner's cat Max. He was so cuddly and sweet! We became the bestest of friends (mainly because he's the 1st cat I've ever met that I'm not allergic to!).

I love my hubby. And I'm glad he puts up with my crazy faces.

I can be normal too. See?

We had wine and cheese every night, it made us feel so chic. Well, it made me feel chic. And a little light-headed.

Did I mention we had cheese? I love cheese!

One of my favorite parts was when we went up to the scenic overlook and watched the sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking! I had no idea this kind of beauty was pretty much in our backyard!

It was 90 degrees + humid every day, so we had to drink lots of water and fan ourselves on the porch like southern belles (whilst watching a parade as well!).

I even got to wear my thrift-store hat.

We got along so well with the other guests and the owner- it was like having a brunch party every day at breakfast! I wish I had pictures of the food to show you- Deb (the owner) was a fabulous cook! She served dessert with breakfast every morning. Need I say more? Seriously, the first morning she brought out ice cream sundaes in crystal champagne glasses. I almost died then and there.

It was the perfect weekend, with my wonderful husband.

p.s. did you enjoy the sneak peek of the beautiful B&B? Well, I was thinking of my blogging buddies and took lots of pictures to share! Deb decorated the place herself, and she is letting me give you a little tour... so stay tuned!


  1. that looks super sweet and romantic, so glad you had a nice time. that tray with cheese and crackers! love!

  2. That room is so you! I love that your suitcase even matched! It looks like you guys had the perfect mini vacation!

  3. We did have a great time! Thanks for the well-wishes y'all. =)

  4. um.. you guys are ADORABLE. I just have to tell you. And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment (:



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