Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures...

Josh's brother Ben and his fiance Kat got married last Saturday! It was such a beautiful wedding, we had the most perfect weather!

Josh and I were honored to be the best man and maid (oops, I mean matron!) of honor. Kat let me pick out my own dress. I found it on ebay for $50... Sometimes I just love ebay (other times I don't, but we won't go there now...).

I did my own hair too. Notice the pony-tail. Yup, that's about all I can do folks.

(I just absolutely adore this man).

Here's my lovely MIL setting up the unity candles. BTW- the ceremony was outside on a windy day, so the candles would not light. It was kinda funny, but I made a mental note to tell people who are getting married outside that it might be a better idea to stick with unity sand or something...

A friend of the family made the boutonnieres and bouquets for the wedding. Kat's was the light pink version, and mine had hot pink flowers. Love!

This is my wonderful father-in-law. He probably won't love the fact that I put this picture on here, but it give you a good view of the gazebo that they got married under! Isn't it lovely?

It was such a wonderful wedding! They kept things really simple, which was nice. There was no running around, no yelling, no bride-zilla moments (thanks Kat!). Instead, it was just a wonderful, relaxing day to celebrate the marriage of a wonderful couple!


  1. You look so pretty! Love the color of the dress. It looks very nice on you! :)

  2. I can only do pony tails too. My hair styling abilities are severly limited. Anything more complex requires a trip to the salon.

  3. Thanks Nadine!

    Haha Ashley- yup that's my problem too! I think part of the issue is I always second-guess myself. Better to stick with the easy stuff! =)

  4. It looks lovely! Ponytails were my go-to formal hair before I chopped it off. :)

  5. Thanks Jane! I love your hair too! I have tried doing shorter hair, but my hair does NOT like to lay flat. So sadly, I can only admire others with shorter hair!



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