Friday, October 15, 2010

A lovely wedding- and a good Business Idea!

I wanted to share some picture of a lovely place where two good friends got married last week! This place is in a town called Stillwater, MN. If you are from MN, you have probably heard of Stillwater. It sits on the river, and is one of the most beautiful, picturesque little towns you can imagine.

The venue for the wedding was an outdoor space- it was so beautiful! I loved how the owners just set up a huge white tent and decorated the surrounding area with truly unique personal touches.

The tent itself had 3 gorgeous, mismatched chandeliers to brighten up the space. The white chairs were simple but the perfect accompaniment.

I was also drooling over several pieces of furniture that had been painted and were used as lovely places to hold the guestbook, little favors, and other necessities.

What a fun business! It was owned by a family, and they did a wonderful job of making everything run smoothly for the rehearsal and ceremony. I'm not being compensated for mentioning them or anything of the sort, but I wanted to share the pictures and just let anyone in the MN area know of this great place! Their website can be found right here for more pictures and information.


  1. How absolutely beautiful! Love the chandeliers in the tent. That would be a fun business.



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