Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Random Things About Me

1) I love salty foods. I would almost always take something salty over something sweet. Pickle versus chocolate bar? Definitely going with the pickle every time.

2) I was home-schooled all through high school. I still use it as an excuse when I don't catch on to certain things. Or when people say "you should know this song" and I never actually do (I was allowed to listen to Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, and not much else!).

3) My mom's family is Scottish. When Billy Graham was in Scotland in the 1940's, he met my Grandpa and invited him to come the the US and go to the college where he was president- Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN (also my alma mater!).

4) I HATE exercising. Especially running. I would rather dye my hair lime green than run 5 miles. Maybe not really, but I would consider it.

5) The only man I've ever kissed or held hands with is my Hubby. He was definitely worth every second of the 22 years I waited!


  1. 5 responses:
    1. I love love love salty foods, but how dare you spurn Chocolate for a pickle! :)
    2. I wasn't homeschooled, but I was subjected to a classical-music-only upbringing, and radio that wasn't NPR or classical wasn't allowed. So it was like I was homeschooled.
    3. I died my hair lime green in freshman year of college. On purpose. No, you can't see pictures.
    4. I hate running, but am growing to like it. But definitely not when it's cold outside. And I'd rather be organizing or decorating or sewing. SO I don't do it much.
    5. In response to your #5...I'll just say we're very different girls, you and I. However, I admire what you did. Way cool.

  2. Is the first picture you? It's great!
    Also, you neglected to consider the oh so wonderful salty AND sweet combo... mmmm that's my favorite!

  3. bacon flavored chocolate, the ultimate salty sweet. or maybe choc covered pretzels would suffice. love that first picture, and getting to know 5 more things about you!

  4. Jane- Haha! I love your response! =) I can't believe you dyed your hair green! Awesome. Yes, we are different in some ways, but I'm super glad we are friends! =)

    Meri- Yes! The first pic is me, I was dressed up as Adelaide from Guys and Dolls. It's the closest I've come to being blonde (it's a wig).

    Cape on the Corner- You are the 3rd person who has mentioned the bacon flavored chocolate... I'm suspicious, but I would definitely try it just so I could say I did!

  5. You have some really awesome pictures of yourself. You look great in first picture- the vintage look really suits you.

    I enjoyed this post so much.

    1. I can't decide between sweet and salty. It just depends on the day. Though usually sweet is not equated with chocolate. Not really a huge fan.

    2. ME TOO!! It was Christian music only. Almost no TV other than a few approved movies and the nightly news. The parents loosened up a bit as time went on and we were allowed to watch Dr. Quinn Medicine woman

    3. I'm Scottish too, but I seriously doubt my family ever met Billy Graham in Scotland. What a neat story!

    4. Gonna have to agree with you on this one too. although, I do like walking and rollerblading.

    5. My husband's the only man I've ever kissed too. I'm having a hard time remembering, but I'm pretty sure I held hands with at least one other boy at some point... Lawrence has been a part of my life so long that it's getting really hard to remember the crushes I had before him.

    I wish I could take you out for a chai. I'd like to do that again sometime in the future!

  6. I love knowing these things about you and I definitely want to see you dye your hair lyme green!!!!!!!!!! LOL Do it!!!! Just kidding

  7. Ashley- Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to go out for chai again sometime!!! =) HAha, I laughed at the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman comment- I was allowed to watch that too! Such a good show. Her name was Mikalah too, although she spelled it differently...

    Kristi- I'll dye my hair green if you do too! What would our hubbies think of us then???

  8. Haha! yep, we can't do that to them...brunettes for life :)

  9. I agree- maybe when I was a crazy teenager I would have done something like that... But I'm just not brave enough anymore!

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x10000!

    I'm right there with ya on pickles over chocolate. I'd eat salty foods over dessert any day! and I hate dragging myself to workout. it feels awesome afterwards... but ugh... no thank you! That's one of the reasons I studied nutrition.. I'd rather eat right than run!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. jenn- Yup, same here! I think there's ways to live a healthier/more active lifestyle without booking it to the gym! I'm all about that. =)



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