Thursday, January 6, 2011

Introducing the newest member of our family...

Her name is Agatha.

We didn't really plan on adopting a kitty, but my parent's neighbors had 3 kittens that needed homes and I just could not resist her sweet little face!

She's only 8 weeks old, and I think yesterday was rather traumatic for her! She mewed all night long, poor thing! Today, however, she is running around and exploring our whole house, and pretty much following me wherever I go. Super cute!

I think I need to go get her a scratching post though.... she's been tentatively clawing at the couch and we really can't have that!!!


  1. Make one! My husband made one for the kitty he adopted (the one in all our blog photos. freaking ham) and she uses it a zillion times a day! The cardboard ones don't always cut it and are wasteful... and then the others are sooo pricey!

    and let me not forget to mention how flipping cute agatha is !!!! She's lucky to have a good home! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Oh what a little sweetie! She is adorable! I hope she fits right in!

  3. Congrats on your new kitty. She's too sweet.

    I got a kitty scratch mat at Target, and Velcro'd it to my kitchen floor. It came with a little zipper so I can stuff catnip in there, and that encourages our kitties to scratch it. i haven't seen them scratch anything else much, although occasionally we will.

  4. Jenn- I did see some of the cardboard scratchers and they definitely seemed less quality, so I ended up getting her a sisal scratching post. So far, so good! I also bought some "scratch not" spray to spray on the things we don't want her to scratch, and some catnip for her toys. It's been working really well!

    Thank Charlotte! Sounds like a good buy! I'm hoping that soon I can feel confident enough to leave her with the run of the house, but for now she goes in the 2nd bedroom when we are gone so she doesn't scratch up the furniture. =)

  5. SO PRECIOUS! How did I miss this post before?!



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