Monday, January 3, 2011

One last Christmas-y post...

Well, it's officially here. 2011. Can you believe it? Josh and I had a blast this weekend celebrating the New Year with our friends and family. We went to a fabulous New Year's Eve bash hosted by the awesome Nick and Cindy (of The Flipping Couple). On Saturday we spent some time with Josh's Grandma and his parents, and then hosted a movie/pizza night at our place with my family that evening. Yesterday, we had a huge fondue party at a friends house as well! It was one of those weekends that I wished would never end.

Today is also the day when I must remove all signs of Christmas from our house. Sad. If you are like me at all, it's a little sad to see Christmas come and go so quickly. It's definitely my favorite time of the year!

But before I pack away the goodies- I have to show you some of the deals I scored with the after Christmas sales this year!

Exhibit A~ 3 gorgeous green mercury glass trees, under $10 for all three (Target).

Exhibit B~ 2 lovely ornaments to add to our ever growing collection. $3 each, Macy's.

Exhibit C~ 2 nine-foot tree garlands at $1.75 each. Sure beats the normal $7.99 price tag!

I love after Christmas sales! Last year, we bought our tree for $11.00! Yowza! Do you shop for Christmas decor after the holidays are over?

The hardest part is packing them away and waiting until next year...


  1. What pretty garland! I love it! My husband and I had to buy Christmas decorations before Christmas this year as we didn't have any. Next year, I plan to hit up my favorite stores after the holidays to improve and build on our little collection.

  2. Ummm... so flipping jealous! Those trees are fabulous! I never even saw them hit the shelves at my target! Glad you scooped em up and are able to enjoy them next year <3 =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. 11 dollars? man, i thought 44 bucks a good price. nice stuff!

  4. I always buy for Christmas after Christmas. It makes the holiday more affordable!

  5. Christina~ I was totally in the same boat last year! Newly married, no decorations. We managed to beg a few off of the in-laws, but we had to get by with pretty little! Next year you will be set though! =)

    Jenn~ I know, I didn't see those trees either until recently! I was pleasantly surprised to see them and their pricetag!

    Ms. Cape~ Yah, I think I could have easily spent more, but I had to restrain myself. Or, my husband had to... haha!

    Suzette~ I agree. It's kind of a bummer to buy Christmas things after the fact, but totally worth it for what you save.

  6. Hahaaaa! Kristi you are so funny. Thanks for making me laugh! I'm TOTALLY addicted to target as well. =)



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