Friday, March 25, 2011

Countertops = Finito

Remember these old white countertops? Well, thanks to some new laminate and a super handy hubby, they are Loooooong Gone.

I really can't brag enough about the work my husband did on this! He did all the research, planning every step of the process, but he let me pick the color. What a man! =)

And yes, to clear up any confusion, this is not a whole new countertop, it's just new laminate glued onto the existing countertop. After researching all our options, we decided to go this route for several reasons:

1. It's very inexpensive (around $200 instead of upwards of $500)
2. It would "reuse" our old countertops. I just felt weird about ditching a perfectly good base and paying huge amounts of money to rebuild it.
3. We just love to tear apart our house and fill it with sawdust!

Here's a close-up of what the edges look like, Josh got really good with the tool that he had to use to finish all these edges! He's a pro now I think.

Ah. Doesn't that look amazing? As you can see, we removed the old backsplash and are going to be replacing it with some chic white subway tile. I can't wait!

Happy Friday, all!


  1. WOW. It looks amazing!! What a transformation. And I love that you were able to keep the original base instead of tossing it into a landfill. So beautiful!!

  2. These look fabulous! Great work!

  3. Looks great! It's nice that you have a handy dandy helper to do this project too!
    I'm a total beginner at house renovation type projects.

  4. Yes, it's amazing! And that's exactly what I want to do with my counter tops someday.

  5. Thanks everyone! We're so happy with how it turned out. Yup, I'm super glad for my handy helper! I would never attempt something like that on my own! =)

  6. I like the dark color, the change looks great.

  7. I knew they were going to be amazing but I had no idea they would look that good. Have a great weekend!

  8. Janice- thanks! I'm so glad we went with the darker color. It really adds some much-needed depth!

    Holly- Same here! I had some misgivings about it, but it turned out so well. I'm definitely a believer in re-laminated countertops now!

    Cindy- Thanks! =)

  9. So nice! My countertops are green with envy. Oh wait. They're always green. :( I guess it's just me that's jealous. :)

  10. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it with the backsplash. Way to go!!

  11. Oooooooo...looks wonderful! What a fabulous job you two are doing on your kitchen!



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