Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunshine and 70's

Yes, it's sunny in MN right now. And, we are looking at seeing some high's in the 70's this week, but that's not the 70's that I was referring to, my friends.

I am just totally obsessed with the high-waisted 70's style jeans that are back in this season. In fact, I've actually been looking for a pair of these jeans for years. So either I'm ahead of fashion, or way behind.

After my post last week, I was out shopping again and stumbled on another pair of high-waisted jeans on clearance for only $9.99. Oh yes, I snatched them up.

The only thing that's annoying about these jeans is even if you have the slightest pooch on your tummy, it is magnified x100. Sad face. But, I think we are all way more critical of our bodies than other people are, so I've decided to just wear them proudly (and avoid pigging out on food while I do)!

Jeans: LUX
Top: Fossil (I'm in love with that brand)
Sweater: Pretty Good, from Marshalls
Belt: Mossimo, Target


  1. They look fantastic on you!! Wear them proudly. : )

    Also, you're making me think I should make you my personal shopper or something. You sure have a knack for snatching up bargains!

  2. I love the jeans! Great pick - you look fantastic!

    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  3. Cindy- Ahem, I sincerely hope that if you want to hire a personal shopper, you will hire me. =) You can pay me in rabbit cuddles.

    Vanessa- Thanks ma'am!

  4. I think they are fab, and you look fab IN them too ! :)

    What I really want to find are cigarette-style pants with a slim but not tight leg, in a dressy enough fashion to wear to work with a suit jacket.

  5. Jane- OMGoodness, I have been looking for those too! You will have to let me know if/where you find some. I want to feel like Audrey Hepburn!

  6. I love that color belt, I have a pair of shoes that yellowy mustard color...gotta get the belt! You look stunning btw!

  7. Cute cute CUTE! I love the jeans, and don't worry, I don't see even a hint of poochy tumminess. I want to get me some high-waisted jeans now, too!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  8. Kristi- I have been OBsessed with the mustard yellow color for a while too! I just love it!

    Rachel- well, thanks! I'm glad you don't see it, even though it's there. =) You should get some, I bet they would look adorable on you!



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