Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogging-Buddies to Real-Life Buddies!

Back when I was in the planning stages of our vacation to VA, I realized that we were headed to the home-state of one of my blogging buddies, Jane from The Borrowed Abode!
We decided that we simply had to arrange a meetup, so she and her boyfriend Ryan were awesome enough to invite us to their Abode for a BBQ lunch. How cool is that?

They prepared an amazing meal for us! We had chips and guac and fresh veggies for appetizers, along with a homemade strawberry-basil drink. For lunch, they made bleu cheese burgers and Caprese Salad. Everything was so delicious!

For dessert, Jane made these incredible strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberries. Seriously to die for. Also, check out those cute napkins she made! I saw those on her blog and loved them even more in person.

We were so overwhelmed by their generosity and hospitality. We absolutely loved spending an afternoon with them and it was so fun for me to finally meet Jane in person!

After our lunch, they even took us to the famed Caffe Amouri so we could get a fill-up of caffeine for the long road trip ahead (after visiting with them, we hopped in the car and drove straight home- all 19 hours!).  

It was the best way to end our vacation. It's strange to "meet" someone in person for the first time, and yet feel like you've known them forever! What a great experience. Thanks again, Jane and Ryan for having us over!


  1. I completely understand. Bloggers connect in a way that's just unreal. It's a strange sensation to meet someone for the first time that you already know so well. It's like meeting a celebrity, but better because you know they are "real". And strawberry cupcakes??!! I'd say that even if you two hadn't liked each other, the cupcakes were worth the drive.

  2. Finally getting a chance to read this :) you're too sweet! We were SO happy to have you, and the only problem is that you live too far away!

  3. Just read janey-poos post too! you ladies are so adorable! i'm so bummed I couldnt be there! though i'd be the goofball shoving that cupcake in someone's face =) probably pauls.

  4. Holly- You are right on. Just having something in common is a great way to start! And the cupcakes totally sealed the deal.

    Kristi + Courtney- Yes! It really was, I feel so blessed to have met some really awesome people through blogging.

    Jane- You are welcome, although your post totally blew me away! You are too sweet.

    Jenn- Seriously, you would have been such a great addition! Now that I'm thinking about it, a cupcake fight would have been the perfect end to the day!!!

  5. So fun! It is amazing how you can find "kindred spirits" in the blogosphere!

  6. Ingrid- yes! It's a great way to get to know new people with common interests. I love that!



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