Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

I was a busy bee the other day trying to whip up some curtains for our 2nd bedroom. I had some fabric that a friend gave me a while back that I was dying to use some how, and suddenly it dawned on me that it would be the perfect fabric for curtains!  

So, using some tips I learned from the folks over at Young House Love, I decided to use Stitch-Witchery instead of sewing the curtains.

I was so excited as I carefully ironed the hem, and them painstakingly pressed the no-sew tape into the seam with the iron.

I got about halfway through the project (1 curtain down, 1 to go...) when I realized that my seams were literally falling apart.

Crapola! Pardon my french, but I was not happy. So after all that ironing and no-sew taping, I still had to go back and sew over all the seams. The moral of the story? Make sure you are using the right strength of no-sew tape for the fabric you are hoping to not sew. I realized the tape I bought was for lighter fabrics like cotton quilting fabric, not heavy drapery material. Lesson learned.

It sure looks pretty in the photo below though, right? I mean, aside from the fact that if I actually hung them they would just drip right off the curtain rods in a matter of seconds...

As I was ironing and practicing my French language skills, Aggie was having fun playing with my measuring tape and then taking a wee nap. At least one of us had a blissful afternoon! 

So, once I have carefully sewn the 2nd panel, I will post pictures of the curtains! In the meantime, please enjoy this cute picture of my kitty napping. Thanks and have a fabulous day!

Edit: Thanks to my awesome commenters, I know know that it's just not smart to use no-sew tape for projects like this! Even if it works for a while and you have the right strength for the fabric, it just doesn't last as long. So, this is one of those instances where it's worth it to put in the work, and get better, longer-lasting results! Thanks guys! 


  1. Yeah, I've had that happen to me before, too . . . but in my experience, even the hemming tape that's the right weight for your fabric doesn't hold forever (although I've only tried it on clothes--if you're not planning on wearing and washing your curtains, you'll probably be just peachy). Good luck!

  2. bahahaha practicing your french eh? omg you cracked me up over here! I can't sew so hemming tape is my only hope! ahhh! unless you and jane want to make all my curtains!? =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I <3 that fabric! So excited to see it featured on your blog!

  4. Um, how did I not comment on this yet? You do have a sewing machine, right? If so, I'd highly recommend just throwing in some real seams. I know I can be very opinionated though. I think it just makes the curtains last a lot longer.

    Love the fabric, either way, and look forward to seeing the "after" photos!!

    And I love how you said "practicing your French." You're so darn proper and well-behaved! :)

  5. Jane- you are so right! I did end up just sewing every seam over again. I thought it would be a great way to "save time" but in reality, sometimes it's better to just put in the work and get a better product!

    Haha, well, I'm glad I at least come across as proper and well-behaved! =D

  6. Jessi- I LOOOVE the fabric too! thanks again for passing it on to me, I will do a full post soon with the curtains all hung so you can see how great the fabric looks!



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