Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project # 2

It took me a good 4 hour chunk of time on Tuesday, but the curtains are finally done! I was hoping to finish them in under 2 hours, since they were already mostly sewn, but as I tweaked the design a little to incorporate features I wanted it got to be a bigger project! For instance, I added tabs at the top of the curtain for hanging so it would be easier to move the curtains. Originally, I had just folded the fabric over and sewn a loop for the rod to go through, but it made the curtains to difficult to open and close. The tabs are much better, plus I like the way the curtains lay now more! 

The green and cream fabric was from a friend that I helped with her sewing machine. She made curtains for her kitchen and had a ton of fabric left over, I think I still have 2-3 yards left!

Here's that list again- I'm still hoping I can power through the rest of these things before the week is out!
  • Paint bookshelf #1
  • Paint bookshelf #2 (post coming soon!)
  • Finish curtains
  • Organize and clean music room
  • Prettify music room using things I already have
  • Finish wooden tray (I found an awesome wooden tray at Goodwill that needs a makeover!)


    1. So pretty! I love that fabric. The desk and the wood trim on your windows are gorgeous too. You sure are plowing through that list. My list consists of 1) wake up 2) brush teeth 3) take a nap. May not be spectacular but I'm checking these off everyday.

    2. Very nice! The fabric looks great too. I can just imagine sitting down to write at the desk--it looks so inviting!

    3. It looks fabulous! And I know it's gotta feel good to look at it and see a completed project :)

    4. They look great. I've been talking about sewing some for my living room but I keep putting it off.

    5. Sooo nice! I just LOVE that fabric!



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