Monday, September 19, 2011


With the cooler weather we've been having, I decided it was about time to change some of the decor in our house to keep up with the Fall-ish feeling in the air. I had fun shopping with my mom at a few craft stores to find some items that would lend an Autumnal feeling to our decor. I found the bouquet at Michaels and thought it would look perfect with my little owl collection.

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of "fake" anything, but let's face it, I don't have a backyard to scrounge around for twigs and leaves and such, so fake is all I got. I look for decorations that have some natural elements in them, like the "flowers" below that are partially dried, with faux-stems.

I couldn't resist a couple bags of leaves as well, they are so fun and colorful and fit this vase perfectly. 

My little owl from Anthropologie (below) got to come out of hiding and be the star of this vignette atop our pie cupboard. I love the fanciful colors and the fact that her head comes off so you can store stuff inside! Hehe.

I also added some branches to the arrangement on the table to fill it out and add more of a natural element.

In the living room, I brought out some candles (because nothing says "Fall" like candles, right? Unless, that is, you are lucky enough to have a fireplace...) and some sprigs of fall-ish things. 

I really love the orangey-red colors and the miniature pumpkins. So cute! 

The orange really works in our living room since we already have some orange in there as an accent color. Perfect!

Also, you may have noticed that the wall above our couch is sadly barren. The shelf we had up there was starting to tilt forward too much, and I worried that someone was going to get smacked on the head by falling objects. So, the shelf had to go. We are living with the clean, wide-open expanse of wall for a while until we fund something that will work well there. Any suggestions? 

So there is our home, Fall-ified. As you can see, I really like to keep it simple. What's your favorite way to decorate for the season?


  1. Fallifying is so much fun. I just finished summerizing my living room, I'm always the last one on the band wagon. Love your owls.

  2. Your fall decorating reminds me of my own: minimal. And I love it. Beautiful!

  3. I whipped out the fall candles scents this weekend too. I'm totally hooked on Scentsy. I love their plug ins! Anyway, the owls are adorable as usual and very fitting for the fall season. I love their cute little faces!

    Lastly, I vote for a photo collage on your wall above the couch...though I could be a bit biased there since I just finished putting up a massive one on my wall that spans approximately 10 ft by 4 ft. :)

    Or maybe some of those wall clings that look like they're hand painted? They have some really neat designs out there now. (for example? I think they're nicer than all the of quotes. Occasional quotes are nice but it can be over done. I still have a blank wall to deal with in my living room that I"m thinking about turning into a quote wall...we'll see.

  4. A great work of art of course or a fabulous mirror. I love your Anthro owl!

    I have hooked up with Julia's Party as well!


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