Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Versatile Wardrobe

One of the biggest things I look for when buying new items of clothing is whether the piece is versatile enough. I used to have problems pulling outfits together, and frankly, sometimes I still do! I think one of the main reasons is because I buy pieces that I like separately but forget to think about them in the context of my entire wardrobe.

In order to solve this dilemma, I started thinking through every piece I purchased. I decided that if I couldn't come up with at least 3 different ways to wear a piece, then it wasn't worth purchasing. 
That's why I love this skirt SO very much. In fact, I have loved it ever since I was with my sister in Anthropologie when she bought it. Yup. You guys, I have waited faithfully for her to get sick of it and pass it on to me, and that day finally came about 3 weeks ago. I have no shame.

I love the pencil shape with the kick pleats and the stretchy, denim fabric. It's like jean-skirt meets Mad Men. It's perfect to pair with a cardigan, skinny belt, and heels for teaching during the day, and then easy to change it up for the evening. Because when I'm cooking spaghetti for dinner I really like to look my best. 

So here it is dressed for success at my day job as a voice teacher:

 Skirt: Level 99 (Anthropologie)
Cardigan + Skinny Belt: Target
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Franco Sarto

 And here it is (with the same top) for a warm September evening out: 

I paired it with some heels I scored on super-sale from Payless. I haven't bought shoes from Payless in years, but I went in there on a whim last week and was so glad I did! These shoes are fun and extremely comfortable. I'm just sad that they will have to be put away for the winter. 

So, that's my secret for building a versatile wardrobe. Now that a new season is underway, it's definitely coming in handy as I change out my Summer clothes and look for a few new things for Fall. How about you? Any style secrets you care to spill?


  1. One of my favorite skirts is a denim pencil with kick pleats too! :) It's not anthropology--my mom did it for me. Denim skirts are perfect for the midwest lifestyle. Not too fussy but a little bit more dressed up than just jeans. You look fantastic as always!

  2. You are just darling. Care to come over and re-do my wardrobe? I need all the help I cn get.

  3. Super cute! I have the same problem where I don't plan how a cute item will actually work in my wardrobe, so I am learning to think more before I buy. Not that I buy often.

    I'm working on layer-able pieces for fall and winter.

  4. I can't take how cute you look!!!! Tres chic my dear!!!



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