Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad, 

It's a special day today, and I wanted to honor you in a different way and let you know how important you are to me. Somehow, all of the bags of pistachios, the multiple silk ties, the assortment of gifts that I've given you over the years just never feel like enough. I think most of us feel that way when trying to buy gifts for the most important people in our lives. They always fall short.

When I was little, you would come to my room in the evening, tuck me into bed, and play and sing "Lion of Judah" on your guitar so I could fall asleep to the sound of your voice. 

Once, you packed all four of us kids into the van for a 3:30 am car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we gazed at the stars through your telescope and drank hot chocolate. 

You would always, without fail, send me letters when I was away at summer camp. How I loved being able to show my friends the letters you wrote, it made me feel so special and loved.

I remember how you teared up when I left for college (a whole 15 minute car ride away!), and how every time you cry (which is not very often...) I start bawling even when I don't know why. When you walked me down the aisle, I remember looking at you and saying through a shaky smile "Don't you dare cry." I knew that if you crumbled, I would too!

Over the years, you have been a steady presence in my life. I know that some people don't have a father figure in their lives, and some have fathers who don't show them the love they deserve. I feel blessed to have a Dad who loves me selflessly, teaches me what it means to be a true Follower of Christ, and gave me an example of what I should look for in a husband. You have so much God-given wisdom, and the kind of humility that draws people to you. 

Dad, I love you, and I hope that today is a reminder of how much you are loved and treasured. Happy Birthday. 


  1. Aw, so sweet!! You made me tear up. Dads are really something special.

  2. Beautifully written! It's impossible to read this and not think about all the things I'd say to my dad. Such a blessing to have godly fathers who are invested in the lives of their children!

  3. Cindy and Ashley- I know you both have incredible dads too! What a great blessing. =) I was tearing up as I wrote this, so I tried to keep it short and sweet!

  4. So beautiful, Mikalah! Your Dad is amazing and I'm sure he couldn't be more proud of all of you too! Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts with us! Love you, Aunt Faye

  5. I love you Mikalah, not just because you are my daughter but because you are lovely. It is one of the magnificent blessings dads get to enjoy--beholding the lovely daughters (and handsome sons and sons-in-law) that God bestows. You are that blessing, as your blog attests. I think God is most blessed when we recognize, value, and enjoy the gifts that He has given. Speaking of gifts, the wonderful gift that you gave me (the edible one) was really thoughtful. But this written one is one that I can savor indefinitely. Thanks precious daughter of my heart.

  6. I love the note above that your dad wrote you. How sweet is that!



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