Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Orchard

One of my favorite family traditions is our yearly visit to the Apple Orchard. We often go several times, but once a year my mom's side of the family all heads to the orchard together to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. 

There are several orchards around the Twin Cities, but our favorite is Pine Tree. It gets SO busy on the weekends, but it's still fun to go and eat lots of yummy apple food and take a wagon ride through the orchard.

The weather was perfect this weekend- bright and sunny and in the 60's. We stayed at the orchard for a while and ate lots of apple turnovers and apple-cinnamon donuts. They make them right there at the orchard and they are so good. It's probably a good thing we only go there a few times a year... 

What are some of your favorite Fall traditions? 


  1. Love apple picking!!! Fall is so fun!

  2. Yummmm. I can totally taste those apple turnovers. So delicious!!

  3. Is it terrible that my favorite part of orchards is the donuts? I'm such a sucker for those things!

  4. Ashley- mine too! I only go for the food... =)



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