Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Wanderers

This weekend, the weather in Minnesota was absolutely perfect. We had lots of time to explore around the city, so that's exactly what we did! On Saturday, we drove to St. Paul to a gorgeous lookout spot that Josh found. The colors were so magnificent, my cell phone photo definitely doesn't do it justice.  

We also finally got a chance to visit a coffeeshop I have wanted to go to for a while! Spyhouse Coffee, in Uptown. I got a vanilla latte that was so delicious, I wanted to order 3 more! Josh got plain coffee, which is just too bad because his was nowhere near as purdy as mine.  

I even managed to sip so carefully that the design stayed put the whole time! Talk about talent, right? 

Our final "adventure" (yes, our adventures usually include food...) was visiting a new French Bakery in our town. This place has authentic French pastries! I couldn't believe my taste buds when I bit into my Pain au Chocolat, it was like being in Paris again! I think I might be going back there on a regular basis...

Josh also had the day off work yesterday, so we got to spend even more time together. Oh, and just in case this post makes it look like our weekend was perfect... haha, it wasn't. I had a MAJOR badittude pretty much all weekend. I don't know why, but my sweet husband was an angel and was super patient with me. It was definitely one of those times where I had to apologize (on numerous occasions) to my husband and to God, and just pray that even though I didn't feel great I would have the strength to be positive and not be a brat to everyone around me. Ever have one of those days? Or weekends? 

Well, today I am definitely grateful for a God who not only forgives, but who helps us to become more like Him on a daily basis. So even though I may have failed at being gracious this weekend, I know that today is a new day, thanks to the Grace of my Savior.

Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.


  1. You are most definately a delicate sipper to save that cute little design. Glad you got out and about and shared your pictures with us. Do I ever feel crabby??!! Heck NO!! Ummm, maybe once. Ok, the red flares coming out of my eyes on my blog post the other day gave me away, huh?

  2. Oh my gosh, that latte looks amazing. Crabby? Never! Ok, often. Especially once it's after my bedtime. Nick will do ANYTHING to just get me to bed so I stop freaking out about everything. Yikes. Pretty much my greatest moments.

  3. Holly- A delicate sipper? Haha! That made me laugh. Well, I try not to slurp when I sip, does that count? Ha, I saw that post and laughed so hard. I definitely was feeling that way this weekend!

    Cindy- Yes, it was SO amazing! You and Nick should check it out sometime. It's a great atmosphere too! Haha, that is awesome. It's amazing how everything seems so much worse when you are tired!

  4. i was in a funk this past weekend, too. and it was my birthday, on top of it. i was upset over my dad not being here, of the boyfriend not knowing what to get me without being told. it was definitely one of those times.

    that foliage looks gorgeous, i want to go on a pretty drive. and i can't believe you kept that latte design intact. talent for sure.



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