Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Do you ever put off doing things because you worry they will be too expensive? I do this ALL the time. And the silly thing is, my assumptions about cost are not based on fact, they are based on this idea I have in my head that life is just so darn expensive.

So, we had 2 things that we were putting off for a while: getting my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together, and buying the subway tile for our backsplash.

For the jewelery work, I was assuming it would be like $150. Again, not based on fact, but on my own ridiculous expectations. Finally, I talked to my aunt (who works at a jeweler) and she said that for soldering it's usually only $35 to $50. What? I could have done that 2 years ago!

Sure enough, I brought the rings to my jeweler and it was $70 to have them soldered and have the rhodium reapplied. They feel much more secure now on my finger, and plus they look all pretty and shiny!

We also got a big shock when we went to purchase the subway tile for our kitchen backsplash. Once again I was assuming it would be upwards of $150 since we want tile from the countertops all the way to the bottom of the cupboards. Guess how much it ended up costing?


Yup, $60 for the tile, the grout, and several accessories. We already had a wet saw and mortar, but we were shocked when our total rang up.

So, through all this I have learned a very valuable lesson. From now on, instead of procrastinating on doing things that need to be done because of money concerns, I will go ahead and price things out right away! 

What about you? Have you left any projects undone because of finances?


  1. I desperately need to have my rings rhodium plated. I've never done it, and I've been wearing that ring for 5 years now!!! Oops. But same thing - I'm afraid it's going to be really expensive so I haven't done it. Where did you take your rings?

  2. Cindy- I had mine done at Rodgers and Holland, where the engagement ring is from. I think that without the soldering, it should be under $40!

  3. Oh too funny! I can totally relate. I have the same problem with the "too expensive" assumption. Thank you for the encouragement to go ahead and at least get pricing checked out. p.s. Your wedding ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. I LOVE your ring! So gorgeous!!



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