Monday, November 14, 2011

T(urkey) Minus 11 Days!

Sorry for the blurry photo- but it was taken with my cell phone as I drove by this house that had a giant rooster on their front lawn. I spotted it while I was on my way to work one day, and had to go back and take a photo because it made me giggle. I thought maybe you all might appreciate a little laugh. Unless of course you also have a giant rooster in your yard, in which case I apologize profusely. But really, maybe it's time to rethink your lawn decor... =)

I also thought the giant fowl was appropriate, considering that Thanksgiving is only 11 days from now (counting today)! Can you believe how fast it's coming this year? What are your plans?


  1. This is our first thanksgiving since 2008 that will actually be spent with family! I'm so looking forward to cooking up a huge meal with my mom and sister. It's going to be epic!

  2. funny. It delights me that you made an intentional drive by to get a picture to share. Love it!

  3. Ashley- That's so exciting! I hope your Thanksgiving is truly wonderful. =)

    Courtney- Haha, of course! I may have actually driven by 3 times to get the perfect shot... I hope they didn't notice!



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