Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Remember that fairy-tale obsession I hinted at in my post on Monday?  Well, that may have slightly influenced my purchase of these shoes.

When I saw them sitting on the shelf at Goodwill, I knew that they had to be mine. Nevermind that the only other time I have seen shoes like these were on the feet of a 5 year old girl dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (and yes, I had to resist the urge to steal her shoes even then!).

I wore them on our date-night last week, and boy are they fun. They may have pinched my big toe a little, but every time I looked at my sparkly feet I smiled. And maybe giggled a little. 

I decided to pair them with some cuffed jeans, a black sweater, and my military-style jacket to offset the sparkle. After all, when your feet look like they've been dipped in a vat of Martha Stewart's Craft Glitter, you're already going to be drawing plenty of attention to yourself. (Consequently, no one else cared that I was wearing glitter shoes. Josh just smiled and suggested we eat somewhere dimly lit.)

Military-inspired jacket: Herbergers (2010)
Sweater: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted)


  1. How cute are you! Love the sparkly shoes too!

  2. Thanks ladies! It's official- sparkly shoes can boost your mood by up to 25%. =)

  3. I've never outgrown sparkly stuff. Granted, I don't have sparkly shoes but I do love looking at the glitter aisle at Michaels. Can I just say that Martha Stewart packages hers in a particularly appealing manner?

  4. I agree! I can hardly resist the urge to buy her craft stuff every time I'm there, it's SO pretty and girly!



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