Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Musical Weekend

On Friday night, Josh and I broke from our routine and went out on the town. Yup. Us old folks got dressed up and went to a concert like we were college-age again (which really wasn't that long ago.... right?).

Beirut is my all-time favorite band ever. I have listened to them for years. I literally listened to their album "Gulag Orkestar" every morning at work for a year. Yup, I still like it. We even played some of their music at our wedding reception.

So, of course I have been watching their tour dates to see when they would come to Minnesota. They had not come here since 2006! Finally, I was listening to The Current (local radio station) one day, and they announced that Beirut was coming to Minneapolis! Wooo to the Hoo!!!

The lead singer, Zach Condon, has a wonderful, mellow singing voice. And, he also plays the trumpet like you wouldn't believe! Their music is indie rock/world music, but it's unlike anything I've ever heard. Their songs have the ability to transport you to another place. There's a few songs that instantly make me feel like I'm in Paris again!

I took a couple videos during the concert, so here's a little snippet of their sound.

The next day, I got to actually participate in some music making! Our church hosts an annual "Christmas Tea," and this year I was the featured vocalist. I got to sing with a trio of wonderful musicians on piano, flute, and violin. My mom and my friend Jill also joined me on one song and sang harmony. It was so fun to be a part of the tea this year! 

My dear friend Katie joined us! It was so fun to have her there. 

Here are (starting from the left) Jill, my Mom Ruthie, and my Aunt JJ.

And here is my wonderful MIL Jody, and my Grandma Bertie. 

And of course, my lovely sisters Morna and Elsie.

December is always filled with lots of music for me- between church events and concerts, there is never a shortage of opportunities to be involved with and attend events. It's one of the best ways that I know to experience the season.


  1. We had a date night this past Friday too!!!!!!!! My blog twin :)

  2. Kristi- that's awesome! Ha, we are SO blog twins. Must have been separated at birth... or something!

  3. So fun! I LOVE their music. I don't think I've ever heard of them and I can't even believe it because they're one of your favorites!

    p.s. I went to a Christmas tea last weekend too but it was at a different church because I didn't get to hear your lovely vocals. I'm guessing you were wonderful!!

  4. I would love to have popped in to hear you sing at the Christmas tea! Sounds like a wonderful evening! I also want to visit the shop at the Christmas tree farm. What a treat to antique shop while choosing your tree. Talk about a One Stop Shop!

    And I must tell you that you gave me my laugh of the day yesterday with your cat-and-quiet-time story. Soooooo funny...and so sweet. :-D

  5. Courtney- I'm so glad you like them! They really are great- their music is good across the board. Thanks for the sweet compliment, my musical friend! I wish you had been there too, it would have been fun to see you!

    Cheryl- I would have loved to see you there as well! It was really fun shopping for antiques after tree-hunting, the perfect day! Haha, I'm glad you liked my funny story. =) My cat definitely makes me laugh almost on a daily basis!

  6. You sounded GREAT! Thanks for sharing your voice.



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