Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kleenex, anyone?

This post should be about some crafty project, or some insanely good recipe, or even some pictures that I found on Pinterest.. but it's not.

Instead, it is a picture of my cat.

She fell asleep like this last night while we were eating dinner. It's her "come show me some love" pose, but since we were eating and didn't feel like getting cat hair all over our hands, we didn't acquiesce. So she got bored and took a nap instead.

The reason this picture of a napping cat will have to suffice, is that I am suffering from yet another sinus infection. My wonderful doctor was not available, so I saw a different doctor today who informed me that "only a small percentage of people actually contract real sinus infections," and sent me away with a lame-o nasal spray instead of antibiotics. I kind of wanted to shake her and say "My sinuses are on FIRE, I've used 1,000 kleenex in 3 days, my eyeballs feel like they've been dipped in Wasabi sauce, and my head is going to explode in a million bits if you don't give me REAL MEDICINE!" But instead, I calmly nodded as she explained that antibiotics can be too harmful for pregnant women (then why did my regular OB say that they are perfectly fine last time?).

I'm pretty sure that I know the different between a sinus infection and a common cold (it's like the difference between a blazing inferno and bunnies jumping through a fluffy field right now), but who am I to argue with a doctor?

Anyway, this is in no way meant to be a complaining session. I love being pregnant, and if this is the only thing I have to deal with then hey... I'm going to be ok. But really, what was up with that doctor?


  1. Oh geez, sorry to hear you're under the weather. Again. Yuk.

  2. You have my sympathy. Johnathon was kind enough to share his cold with me, so now I'm waiting to hear if I can take Nyquil or not. :-)



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