Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Things I'm Loving

Just for fun, here's a few things that are making winter more bearable this year...

1. New sunglasses from Anthropologie (similar here), and a crocheted cowl made my mother-in-law.

2. Homemade candles, my sister Elsie and I have been doing this lately as a new hobby and it is really fun!

3. Starbucks Spiced Vanilla Lattes- kind of like chai with coffee mixed in. Amazingly delicious and life-altering.

What are you loving these days?


  1. I love those sunglasses! You look positively darling, as always. I'm surviving the midwinter blues with lots of puppy snuggles and Starbucks. The trip to Seattle helped quite a bit, too!!

  2. Thanks Cindy! So glad you are finding ways to survive too. Starbucks is of course a shared favorite. =) Although, puppy snuggles sound pretty awesome too!

  3. The sunglasses are gorgeous! And I think the fact that you're making your own candles is fabulous. I'd LOVE to learn how to do that! Is it hard? Do you make them scented and everything?

    1. It is not hard at all! It's very easy and rewarding. We have been using only essential oils to scent them, and the result is a really lightly scented candle (which is actually kind of refreshing, compared to all the heavily scented ones out there!).

  4. Love your sunglasses (my favorite pair are from Anthro too!), and I am really coveting your cowl! I had to try the Spiced Vanilla Latte yesterday, since you love it so much - good call! :) I've been drinking a mug of Harney and Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea. If I let it steep long enough, it doesn't even need a sweetener - keeps me warm and happy. :) This winter has been full of taking time to cuddle up with my kids and read some classics out loud to them - keeps us all warm and cozy during these super cold days!



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