Friday, February 1, 2013

A Day Out

Going on dates is even more fun now that Josh and I are parents! The giddy feeling that precedes each date (all four of them that we've had since Evie was born) just can't be compared. We get to dress up without fear of being spit upon, and venture into the world without the shackles of a diaper bag. It is, to put it succinctly, glorious.

On this particular day, we went all around the city for the simple reason that we could. The weather was frigid, at -13 degrees with the windchill, but we didn't care. We went to lunch at a wonderful place called Moscow on the Hill. Pure Russian comfort food. And coffee. What more could you ask for on a wintry day? 

We made a pit stop at a Chocolate shop, a few boutiques, and then made our way to the Como Conservatory. Stepping into a misty, 80 degree garden on a winter day is pretty amazing. And, as Josh can testify, it really fogs up the glasses for quite a while. 

It was so wonderful to smell the freshness of the plants and admire their beauty. I saw a few people sitting on benches and reading, what a great way to fight the winter doldrums!

 So to sum up, dates without the baby are the best, winter in Minnesota is cold, Russian food is good, Conservatories are amazing, and my husband rocks my world.


  1. Oh my this does sound glorious! What a fun day you guys must've had. James and I haven't gotten out on a date without the little man yet, but from the looks of this post we are missing out!!!

  2. It is pretty amazing to get out without the baby! I hope you guys have a chance to do that sometime too. =)



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