Friday, February 22, 2013

Stylin' (at Home)

Well, these days my "fashion" sense is all about what is easiest, quickest, most comfortable, and washable. Don't get me wrong- I definitely don't live in sweats! Thank goodness. =) There's nothing bad about that, I just know that for myself, I feel so much better when I actually get dressed and feel at least semi-cute!

Also, I seem to have lost that little thing that goes on top of the tripod and attaches your camera to the tripod. I knew that would happen, and it finally did. So for now, my outfit posts may look a little wonky as I probably balance a child on my hip and the camera in one hand.

I was super excited to put this outfit together, because I got 2 of the pieces half off at Goodwill! The yellow striped shirt at the teal blue leather handbag were 50% off because of the President's Day sale. I think I paid $4 for them together. I wore it with dark-wash skinny jeans and bare feet because, alas, all I did today was stay home with Evie and do laundry.

That brings me to one of my points: Don't you hate it when you waste a cute outfit by staying home? Ah well. As I said before, it helps me feel better and more productive when I look nice. Plus, I can always put a picture up on the blog...

Outfit details: Sweater- Loft/Shirt- Thrifted (Report brand)/Bag- Loft/Necklace- From my Sis

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