Friday, March 22, 2013

Leather + Shades

I bought this leather jacket years ago, and never imagined that I would end up wearing it now, about 5 years later, almost nonstop! It was definitely one of those buys that you regret for a while, let languish in the back of your closet, and then suddenly find that you adore it. Go figure.

Since it's still pretty chilly here in MN, the key to being comfortable in a thin leather jacket is layers. I layered it over a comfy teal t-shirt, a fun chrocheted sweater, and a fluffy white scarf.

Also- my hair is getting SUPER long. I'm in that stage where I can't decide if I love it, or if I want to chop it all off. 

Outfit details:
Jacket- Wilson's Leather (old)
Sweater- Marshalls
T-shirt- No clue (really, I inherited it from my sister)
Scarf- Goodwill (no label)
Sunglasses- Anthropologie
Jeans- Gap
Boots- Target


  1. You are so gosh darn cute. I love that sweater!

  2. You get an A plus for cute layering. Love it! So cozy and cute!



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