Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Happenings

Winter is taking it's sweet time bowing out this year. We've had more snow this year than we've had the past two years combined, it seems. I do love the snow, but I'm ready for Spring. 

In the meantime though, we're trying our best to enjoy the season. Evie and I took a nice wintry walk with my sister Elsie one day. It was gently snowing, and we walked across a frozen lake. It was really beautiful (and a good workout).

I whipped up (ok, maybe whipped isn't the right word, since it took 3 hours) a pair of new baby booties. I really love this pattern. These ones are going to my mother-in-law's friend.

Evie is just getting sweeter and sweeter. She is definitely a curious, chatty little thing. When she's awake she is always making noises of some sort, or chewing/drooling on everything in sight. 

The best days are when we get to see friends or family members, like last Monday when we spent all day with my sister Morna. We made quiche, drank tea, went to H & M, and just had a great day.

Soon, winter will be over and we will welcome the bright sunshine and warmth with open arms. But for now, we'll warm up with countless cups of hot tea and be all the more grateful when Spring appears.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those slippers are the sweetest little things! So darling! And I'm loving that snowy wintery photo of you two. Just darling!

  2. Thanks Courtney! It's so fun having a little sidekick with me everywhere I go. =)



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