Thursday, July 18, 2013

My FAVORITE Iced Tea Recipe (sugar + caffeine free!)

If you're anything like me, you may feel sad and disheartened by the amount of unhealthy beverages that seem to abound in the summertime. I sure love a nice ice-cold Coke, but I really dislike the sugar content (and my hips agree). I get SO sick of drinking water. I know it's good for you and all that, but seriously, it's the most boring drink on the planet.

Do we want to be boring? I don't think so. 

Last year, a friend introduced me to what would soon become my favorite tea on the entire planet. Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai. You can find it at Target, and at most grocery stores! I lived on this stuff throughout my pregnancy and while pumping because it's decaf, and all it really needs is a bit of milk! You can add sugar, but I'm actually partial to it without sugar.

This Summer, I decided to try it iced and see if that was any good. Well, it may just have been the purest stroke of genius I've ever had! I made it once, and had to immediately go out and buy more! We've been drinking this tea like there's no tomorrow. I love that you can drink it without sugar too!

 Here's how to make it: 

Ingredients: Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai tea, ice, and 2% milk (or your choice of milk!)
(mason jar glass is purely optional)

Directions: Boil 4 cups of water, then steep 6 teabags in it for at least 1 hour. Chill the tea in the fridge for a few hours (if you can stand to wait). When ready to serve, pour equal amounts of tea and milk over ice. Ta da! Enjoy. Makes about 5 12 oz. servings.

And no, Celestial Seasonings did not pay me to write this post. But if they want to pay me with a lifetime supply of this tea, I may allow that. ;)


  1. My sister LOVES this tea and can't get it in Canada, so that's what she got for her birthday this year - a bulk supply of Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai. :) Good tip on making it iced! I'll have to try it (because, of course, I bought a box for us to try too!).

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  3. This looks amazing. I am definitely going to have to find some of that tea! This winter I drank plenty of Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chai and loved it...I bet I would like the coconut flavor even more.

  4. this is my favorite too!! Can't wait to try it iced :-)

  5. Oh this looks amazing! I love tea in just about all shapes and forms. I'll have to find this one next time I'm at the store! Wonder how it would be with some Coconut milk...



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