Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall is Just Around the Corner...

Fall is just around the corner... but in our house I'm pretending it's already here. Fall is definitely my favorite season! There's something about the crispness in the air, the crunchy leaves everywhere, the slightly spooky feeling with candles glowing at night... It's simply the best.

I went out and bought a couple of Apple Spice candles from Wal Mart (they seriously have for ridiculously cheap!). This pillar candle was under $4! What a steal! And it smells heavenly. 

In other news, I have managed to keep my house (relatively) clean for the better part of a week, for the first time since our little peanut came home... almost a year ago. I let it slide for a while, but it was starting to affect my mood. I felt like I couldn't keep up with the clutter, and was constantly picking stuff up. I think we've finally started to get into the groove of putting things away, rather than letting little piles of stuff gather throughout the day. It really helps! 

I like adding small touches of seasonal decor- maybe so small that others wouldn't even notice. Like these sweet little red berry branches tucked in a vase. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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