Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Things...

I stayed home sick from work today. I have some sort of massive headache, possible ear-infection and stomach issues. After sleeping until 11 am, and then lazing around like a zombie for a few hours I just had to do something.

So, I made a new pillow for our bed. Actually, I recovered the old one we had because the fabric just wasn't exciting enough anymore!

I have been trying to tie in some more modern patterns/silhouettes with all of our antique furniture. Also, our room really needed a brighter accent color with all the soft grays, blues, and browns. I am trying to add little bursts of orangy-red here and there.

Did I mention how much I love owls?

For my next project, I saw some cute fabric initials at Anthropologie that I would like to try my hand at making:

(image found here)

I think making these a little larger with some fun fabric would add some more color. I saw some 3-D, cardboard letters at Michaels craft store that would be a good base, from there I think it would be pretty easy to add fabric. We'll see...

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