Monday, March 1, 2010

small improvements

Last weekend Josh and I went to check out an "indoor" garage sale nearby. It was basically a bunch of vendors that rent a big warehouse and sell antiques, furniture, and lots of miscellaneous stuff.

It was really fun to wander around and see all the treasures- we found a lot of good deals! I found a couple of antique tiles made into trivets for 50 cents each, as well as 2 cute bird pictures (pictures here).

But my favorite find of the day was this:

A new entertainment center!

The old one we had was from my Grandma, and I believe it used to be my aunt's. Let just say, it had seen better days and could barely support it's own weight, let alone our TV.

(Goodbye, old TV stand).

The best part of all was the price: $10.00. It was new, in the box, and when we got home we found this tag:

So, I'd say that was a relatively good deal!


  1. Wow! What a find. And it looks great in your living room. Nice work!!

  2. Thanks Cindy! You should definitely check out that "garage sale" if you feel inclined. They had lots of interesting things, and very good prices! Let me know if you want the address!

  3. Awesome job!! Looks lovely! And looks like ya'll had a wonderful time in Duluth, even though it did look SO cold, lol.

  4. Doesn't that just make your day?? What a deal! You are one bargain shopper!

  5. good grief! $10?! That's a steal! Jealous of your flat-panel tv, too!!! ;)

  6. @ Anna- actually, it wasn't that cold! We were out there without coats, and it was pretty nice. But then, we are die-hard Minnesotans too. =)

    @ Joye- yes, I think it made my week! I aspire to be a bargain shopper, but sometimes I get lazy... this however, makes it all worthwhile!

    @ Emily- If you lived closer you could come watch movies on it... but alas...



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