Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Update

The fashion show was a huge success! It was such a blast to be a part of this whole thing, and get a glimpse into the wonderful world of fashion. That's Beth in the middle and the other model, Jackie, right after we both got done with makeup. The makeup artist penciled on fake eyebrows (over my real ones) and made my lips about 20% bigger. Up close I looked completely ridiculous, but it gave a good effect under the lights. 

Jackie's dress was inspired by Lucille Ball- it is hand-dyed silk with hand stitched trim and beading, and hand painted design. It was a huge hit with all the guests! 

Here's a video from the fashion show in case you care to take a gander, Jackie and I were on last so if you want to skip to us you can go to the end of the video. =) 

As for the rest of the weekend, we spent some time with family at the Apple Orchard, carved pumpkins, watched some Firefly (best show ever!), and spent lots of quality time together. A lot of our weekends lately have been just jam-packed with stuff, which is lots of fun but not so great for time as a couple! How was your weekend?

 Also- I'm about to take Aggie in for a vet appointment. Yup, she is getting spayed. I think she knows something is going to happen, she has been very docile this morning... Poor kitty!

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