Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Gypsy-Picnic Tea Party

 A couple weeks ago, we had a bridal-shower for my sister Elsie, who is getting married in August. She and her fiancee Kyle have such a unique style about them, and I thought the shower was perfect to capture some of their spirit!

Elsie's former roomie, Bethany, came up with the idea for a "picnic" shower, and it somehow morphed into a gypsy-picnic-tea-party-bridal-shower. Whew! Bethany and her sisters set up the array of quilts and snacks, and I provided the teacups and cucumber sandwiches (because, really, no tea party is complete without cucumber sandwiches!).

 Here's the bride (above) looking beautiful, dressed in white of course!
 She got a staghorn fern for a gift... Ahh, I want one! They are SO cool looking.
 Another fun gift- a vintage cookbook.

So what do you think, would you like to host a gypsy-picnic-tea-party-bridal-shower of your own? 


  1. How fun and what a great idea! Totally seems like Elsie too. Love the pictures.

  2. It's a fantastic idea! It all came together beautifully!

  3. I still think this is thee coolest bridal shower idea I've ever seen! So lovely and creative!



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